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Ready to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and low/no sugar desserts and snacks. Buy separately or choose a meal plan.

Tailored for people managing diabetes.

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Discover the delicious, convenient, meal options we've created to help make mealtime easier for those managing all types of diabetes.

So far we have served over 50,000 happy customers all over Australia.

Our dietitian designed, home delivered, ready to eat meals and sugar-free snacks help make mealtime easier for those managing all types of diabetes.

We have gluten free and vegetarian options also.

We are NDIS approved and we deliver Australia wide. We are proudly Aussie owned and operated and use Aussie ingredients.

We've clearly colour coded the carbohydrate and sugar content in each of our ready to eat meals to help make mealtime choice easier so whether you are managing Type 1 or 2 diabetes, gestational or pre-diabetes you'll be able to see at a glance exactly what the carbohydrate and sugar content is in your chosen meal.

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I have been super impressed with the quality and taste of the meals provided. The meals are quick easy, delicious and filling. 

Nick, NSW

I have just recently been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 53yrs old. So if someone else can count the carbs and cook my food at this stage I'm very grateful. Thank you once again for your wonderful service.

Carol, VIC

I am finding these meals so helpful to me.  Since starting I have lost about 8kgs and so want to continue with this to keep me on track. 

Deb, TAS

I’ve been with you guys for just over 2 months now, and I went to the Dr’s and my HbA1c levels today were the lowest they’ve been for ages  and my fasting glucose levels were also the lowest they’ve been in ages, and are now within the acceptable range. 

Pete, WA

Mum enjoyed what I bought her last week. She is a celiac and now has diabetes
which becomes tricky with a 90 year old who has a sweet tooth so we love your range.

Michelle, QLD

I took the menu to my dietitian and my dietitian loved It and took copies of the menu to give to her other clients particularly the single male clients. 

Ken, ACT

Just a quick note to let you know that Moroccan Chicken is absolutely fab. If you should get to decide to discontinue it or change recipe pls. let me know before hand and I’ll get 100 bags off your hands first!

Will, VIC

I was totally blown away with the taste of the new meal replacement and how filling the shake was I'm not a huge chocolate fan but this was really yummy. Can't wait to try different flavours in the future. 

Teresa, SA

Just one meal convinced me this is going to be an excellent, tasty, easy way for me to keep my blood sugar in check. A perfect mix.

Bev, QLD

I have already had two meal sachets and really enjoyed them.
I look forward to trying the other meals in the mixed dinner box. 


Hi Elly,

Thank you for your lovely email!
Also a big thank you the great food! My mother in-law really loves it:) Your mum is a pleasure to do business with.


Wendy finds your meals delicious. It means she is getting good nutritious diabetic meals  and with Woolworths
delivering fresh fruit/veg and household items Wendy does not need to go to the supermarket!


I received my first order today, thank you.

I have now placed a new, second order for a 5 day plan.


Love the taste, love the convenience, and love the door to door delivery. Thanks!



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