A lovely customer testimonial

We love customer feedback - all sorts, and we were so pleased and grateful that one of our customers took the time to write this to us (we put the links in):


I’ve been meaning to write this email for a while. Just letting you know that I’ve been enjoying the meals and soups from Diabetes Kitchen, and they’ve taken a whole load off my mind when it comes to shopping, cooking, and worrying about low GI options.

My favourite meals are Chilli Con Carne, Beef and Veggie Hot Pot, and Moroccan Chicken. (These also seem to have the best carb to protein/fat ratio, which is great for me). I put them with a tin of beans or chickpeas (as recommended in the leaflet) and some steamed frozen veggies. I was splitting them in half, but found it was too much for me, so I’ve started splitting them into thirds, and that seems just right.

My favourite soups are Coconut Pumpkin, Coconut Lentil, Chicken and Corn, and Cauliflower Cashew.

I also found that after a while I stopped feeling like I needed a snack all the time, like I used to. I eat two serves of soup (1 pouch) and 2 serves of a meal pouch (2/3 a pouch) throughout the day, and sometimes a snack. 

I’ve also found your customer service excellent – quick responses and happy to help every time. 

Thanks for running such a wonderful service, I hope more people hear about and use your service – for their sake and yours!'


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