Diabetes Burnout

Being diagnosed with diabetes can be quite overwhelming. At the beginning you may be thinking what did you do wrong, why did this happen and have I not looked after myself properly. You may be overwhelmed with all the new information you are learning about what it is and how to manage it, along with what to eat, what type of exercise is right, what you can and can't do. Along with a range of emotions.

Overwhelming. Exhausting. Depressing.

You're not alone. And help is available. 

With diabetes on the increase, globally as well as in Australia, there are wonderful places to get help from caring professionals across many health fields.

One that we recently came across is a phone call with a psychologist, offered by Diabetes NSW & ACT. If you feel the need for some extra support just ring our Helpline on 1300 342 238 and ask to make an appointment to speak with their Psychologist Katherine Dixon. You can find out more about this service here.

Here at The Diabetes Kitchen we also offer a phone counselling service with our own diabetes counsellor, Janine. Her kind and caring manner will make you feel comfortable in discussing whatever you need to. And of course everything remains confidential.

We also share Renza's post today about her diabetes burnout. Read her post here. Her post is well worth a read and can be helpful to share with others who are dealing with T1 diabetes so they know they aren't alone either. 

If you're dealing with diabetes burnout please reach out - people care and help is available.


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