Elly talks about her new Dario

So, for the past 6 months or so, I've been using a fancy, new BGL meter: Dario. And it's honestly changed my life as a Type 1 Diabetic.

This little gadget holds everything you need for your daily blood glucose testing in a single, organised unit: a tube of test strips, the lancing device itself, and a plug-in connection for your smart phone, which takes and reads the testing strips. The app Dario uses turns your phone into a literal BGL meter - it's fantastic! 

It has also saved my recycling bin from overflowing with tiny bits of paper, covered in random numbers from throughout the day. The Dario app records all of your data to give you an average BGL over the day, week, and month, which results in an average Hba1c. It also prompts you to enter meals, insulin doses, exercise routines, and moods with each test, so you can review your results more accurately later on. 

It may be most important to note that the Dario app could save your life as a diabetic in desperate situations. When you sign up for the app, it prompts you to enter the details of an emergency contact of your choice. This is because when you are having a hypo/low (when you test your BGLs and they are lower than your 'minimum limit') Dario sends a text to your emergency contact immediately from you, letting them know that you are currently in a hypo. 

If you have a working smart phone, you're a diabetic, and ease of life means something to you, I'd definitely recommend Dario!

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  • That Dario one looked good, there are so many, I’ve been using the Freestyle Libre system for BGL readings and stats lately, no more fingerpricks at all and the continuous readings give way better insight into the things that affect my T1.


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