Happy New Year

Hello all, it's Jan here saying a very Happy New Year to all.

Managing my type 2 diabetes over the festive season has been a little easier - I'm finally realising that much as I love the sweet stuff - and can still have it - I need to watch my blood sugars a bit more carefully during this time.

There is SO much good stuff to eat and it can be difficult to know how much sugar and salts there are in foods (they're not always stated) and I simply couldn't be bothered looking up every ingredient list for the foods on the table!

I love a glass of good champagne but that's full of carbs so on New Year's Eve I certainly enjoyed it but I really paced myself and included plenty of water between drinks and snacks. That worked a treat for me!

I was lucky enough to spend some time in Cairns recently and found some delicious cane sugar juice at the market. Just 1 glass was enough to make me feel very ill later that day - I really should have known better but I just couldn't resist - and half a glass instead of a full one would have sufficed......

I, like many of you, are watching the bushfire emergency in horror. So many people have lost their homes, may still lose their homes, and are suffering. What heroes our firefighters are - how brave and tireless in fighting these raging, worsening fires. I have been watching and wondering how people managing type diabetes who are stuck in the fires are going. Insulin needs to be kept cool and I pray that they are ok and have enough medication to get them to safety.

I found an article here from Diabetes WA about managing in a bushfire situation - I hope you find it helpful.

I don't make resolutions (used too, but never kept them for longer than a couple of weeks!) but if you did, good luck and good for you.

Wishing you and your families and friends a wonderful 2020.

Jan. x



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