Reassessing our goals doesn't necessarily mean we're back-tracking

Midyear review 👍

 It's an opportunity to see where we're at and where we'd like to be.
Mid-year is a perfect time for this as we still have time to make changes for the rest of the year. Perfect timing I'd say! 👌

Take it like the reviews we have at work. A diabetes review won't necessarily involve a bonus at the end of the year, but let's look at it this way. If I'm looking after my health, I'm feeling good and therefore I can work more effectively in the workplace, school, uni etc. Wouldn't that be nice?

What's the next step?- here are some ideas

1.Personal review:

What's working? - give yourself a pat on the back, a handshake - keep it up (remind yourself of your motivators).

What's not quite working out?- reassess why?. What are the barriers? Sometimes our perception around change can be overwhelming, so we end up doing nothing about it.

No doubt living with a condition like diabetes can sometimes feel repetitive. It is important to add variety to our routine as the same thing can be achieved in different ways. Eg if you have always gone for a walk and are starting to lose momentum, change it up a little, do something different, challenge yourself with a new activity. As humans, we can set ourselves into routine till we feel the need to change. So don't wait till you're off track before you head reassess.

2.Dr's review:

Also, take this time to make an appointment with your Dr for a blood test and an overall check-in to see how things are tracking. Sometimes we live with the notion of "business as usual", but this can get us comfortable in our lifestyle that we don't feel the need to review how we're tracking.

3.Health Professional review:

 The Dr can refer you to several health professionals that can assess how you're tracking and set individualized goals that work for you, your family and your current lifestyle. There are many sources of funding you can tap into to see these health professionals, so don't let finances get in the way. Whether it's through Medicare funding, health insurance or other means.

These health professionals will help address your dietary intake, work on setting healthy, achievable goals to ensure you're getting your daily nutrients, your diabetes is well managed and you're adding the E into enjoyment.
They will also review how your blood glucose levels are tracking, work with you to identify where you're at and set physical activity goals.

How awesome is that? so many people committed to empowering you to look after your health. What a treat!

Come on, let's make an active decision to connect with our health and ensure that we are the best we can be.

Happy living everyone

Keeping You Healthy
Sherie Sourial - APD, CDE, Health Coach

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