Talking Carbs - by Renza S

We love Renza's blog as it's filled with information and how she personally copes with T1. She's funny, sometimes angry, and always informative. Here we share her blog  post 'Talking Carbs':


‘Do you eat a lot of carbs?’

This was the question that had me stopping and thinking about my diet and how it has changed in recent times.

It is also a little bit of a taboo topic and I feel a little odd writing about it here. I really don’t care about being judged by others when it comes to my diabetes decisions, however for some reason, food attracts so much attention and judgement, I am somewhat reticent to write this post.

Firstly, and most importantly, please do not take this as medical advice. Or nutritional advice. In fact, there is no advice here at all– just some thoughts about what I do that seems to work for me. I am not a healthcare professional of any sort whatsoever. Please keep that in mind while reading.

I should also say that I had no intention to change my diet. It was just one of those things that happened slowly over time.

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