Test, record and act!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Today I thought I'd share this hilariously accurate illustration about diabetes! I'm sure all of us have slight Arithmophobia (even though 80% of a diabetic's day consists of carb counting, BGL roller coasters, and working out equations for insulin doses.)
The most horrifying numbers are always the ones we read from our BGL meters though, because they can affect our entire day with a single beep.
I know for me personally, a low reading in the morning will stress me out all day - the constant worry of wondering what made me hypo (or stressing about going low again) can keep me distracted for hours at a time. And a particularly high reading will have me pricking my finger every 20 minutes to make sure they've dropped! There is no escaping numbers.

Remember: Test, Record & Act!
- Elly

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