The Benefits of Pressure Cooked Meals

Here at The Diabetes Kitchen, we pressure cook all our meals and seal them in pouches. The main reason we do this is becuase this method of cooking locks in maximum nutritional content.

Reduced heat exposure improves the taste, color, and flavor of the food, as well as minimises nutrient losses. Immersing the pouch in boiling water or placing the pouch in a microwave oven means our meals are reheated, and ready to eat in 2–5 minutes.

The other benefits which our customers love about our pressure cooked meals include:

- long shelf life (at least 1 year) without losing any quality at all

- no refrigeration needed. Just store in the pantry (think Heinz baby food in pouches)

- fantastic for travelling with - just toss some meals in your suitcase or briefcase, or even your glove box.

- pressure cooking gives food a more liquid texture so this is great for small children and people who have difficulty swallowing large chunks.

Our home delivered diabetes ready meals are delivered all over Australia.


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