Words from a mum.....

My kid was diagnosed at 19 years old with diabetes t1. I'm not capitalising the t (for type) as I refuse to make her diagnosis more important than the beautiful girl she is - she just has something really difficult to deal with that most people don't. It doesn't define her in any way. But it does mean her life journey is harder than what I had ever hoped for her when I held her as a squiggly, delicious, newborn baby girl in my arms. 

My cute baby girl aged 2

Her diagnosis came out of the blue (as happens with t1). But I have, and still do, drive myself mental asking what did I do wrong? I know I didn't do anything but it doesn't always help and I would take it from her in a millisecond if I could. 

She's old enough to have left home now so that drives me mad too - I want her under my annoyingly invasive nose every second so I can watch and check her every movement and blood level - 24/7. That's probably why she moved out at 22. Comfortingly for me (and this is so about me!) , she has a beautiful, caring and diabetes clued up boyfriend who takes as much care of her as I could wish for.

My Elly is fine and deals with her diabetes amazingly - it's me who needs to step up.....

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